To The Concerned Medical Professional

With this booklet, we offer support to all in the medical professions – you who often see and first identify sufferers from problems with alcohol or other drugs and who encounter these patients’ unique medical and psychological needs. Partnership for Recovery is a resource to turn to when questions arise as well as our invitation for ongoing communication as an important key to delivering the best and most appropriate care.

We do not presume that every drinker or drug user is an alcoholic or addict, nor that all heavy drug users need addiction treatment. Rather, we attempt here to provide a foundation for common understanding of drug and alcohol addictions, our particular area of concern. Specifically, and within the general framework of current scientific understanding about addiction, we offer our many years of experience and knowledge of the disease and its consequences and we explain the nature and aim of addiction treatment.

Studies confirm that the involvement of knowledgeable, supportive medical providers during a patient’s recovery is extremely important to long term treatment success. We invite your inquiry about LMRC and our cooperative relationships with colleagues allied in working toward positive change in lives damaged by addiction.

Our family has been in the business of helping addicts/ alcoholics for over three decades with outstanding adult and specialized adolescent treatment programs. We are proud of our successes and welcome your inquiry to learn more about us. We hope this booklet will be a resource that you value and use.


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