A Comprehensive Guide to Recommended Drug-Alcohol Treatment Centers in the United States by Stan Hart

The authoritative guide to the finest adult inpatient rehabilitation centers in the United States

Lakeside-Milam Recovery Centers 
Lakeside-Milam sits on Juanita Creek in Kirkland, Washington, in a serene, park-like setting of approximately 15 acres. This restful environment is only minutes from major interstates. Usually about 90 percent full, Lakeside-Milam is a for-profit, family-owned recovery center founded by Charles H. Kester and James R. Milam.

Treatment programs lasting 14 to 35 days are available to adults (M/F integrated) and to adolescents (separate campus). Lakeside-Milam features 83 adult beds and 53 adolescent beds (with communal bathrooms). Lakeside-Milam accepts all major insurance carriers and makes public and scholarship funds available.

Treatment: “Alcoholism is a primary physical disease and any mental conditions are secondary and derivative of the basic disease. We deal with it in the number one mode, that is physical. Secondly, we deal with the spiritual and psychological.”—Charles H. Kester

“We deal, truly, with the disease concept. We don’t confuse the issue as to why somebody drank. There are cues to relapse, but those are not the things that caused the initial addiction. We talk about a physiological predisposition – only a certain number of people are going to become alcoholics and this is preordained by a genetic pool. We focus on a person understanding that he has an addiction. Then we focus on the tools of recovery and send (him) out to AA and NA and CA.”—Charles H. Kester

Individual Therapy: Once a week individual counseling (but not psychotherapy) at a minimum.

Group Therapy: Two primary groups a day. Also, men’s group and women’s group, cocaine group – all once a week beyond the two primary groups.

AA and NA Meetings: Seven AA meetings on premises per week. Three CA meetings on premises per week. Three outside meetings per week.

Family Program: Family program consists of family discussion groups four times per week plus lectures or film almost every night of the week. Groups are for family members only, except for one group that includes patients.

The Family Education Week is a separate educational program for family members of patients, co-dependents from the community, and ACOA members.

Continuing Care: Local patients will attend continuing care in any of 10 outpatient centers in the health area.

Author’s Comments: “Plenty of group, a serious atmosphere, caring people make this facility first rate. Very bright people run Lakeside-Milam and the program is strong. The price at Lakeside-Milam is low and if you could formulate a ratio of price to treatment expertise, you’d put Lakeside-Milam right at the top of the heap. Insurance companies, take note of this place: low-cost treatment done well.”

Rating: Very Good

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